During my university study I discovered a problem which stays still now, not only locally, in Russia, but also Globally: there is a big perceptional distance between contemporary art objects and a viewer. Even with great help of Internet, where a chance to see a photo of art work or even a description is big, contemporary art stays a side from common interests of society. As Grayson Perry said : “Democrathy has bad test”.

MOCT-magazine was developed as my diploma project with a goal to riseĀ  an interest to contemporary art, important museums and artists. A chapter “OLD ODD” dedicated to old Masters and works, which appear as “strange” for our time “standards” and different form “common expectations”. Pictures were chosen fromĀ  Internet and linked to sources in order to provide access to initial information within the magazine. it is why the MOCT-magazine almost has no text, but structured pictures.

During first year MOCT-magazine was watched and downloaded more than 2000 times by readers from different countries.

Contemporary Art Magazine MOCT, 1,2,3,4 editions (2010-2011):
Contemporary Art Magazine MOCT